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Meet the Team

Junaid Hossain

Director & Head Coach
Junaid is the Director and Head Coach of University Tennis Academy. His extensive playing and coaching background in over 20 countries allows him to bring a vast amount of experience and coaching methodology to lead the team. He is formally the #1 Ranked Junior in Australia and Nationally Ranked Division #1 College player, participating in professional tournaments around the world and coaching professionally ranked players. Junaid has a strong working background in Strength & Conditioning, creating programs and training high level athletes across multiple sports. He also has 3 degrees in Engineering, working as a space electronics engineer for a number of years.

Karina Jarlkaganova

Senior Coach
Karina is a highly experienced and certified coach and a former Fed Cup representative for Kazakhstan. She was a top junior and travelled the world playing many pro level tour tournaments before heading to the states for Division #1 college tennis. There she played in the top of the line-up winning over 80% of her matches and graduating Summa Cum Laude (highest honours). Karina is a major addition to the UTA Team and bring technical and mental excellence to her lessons.

Michela Isella

Assistant Coach
Michela, a PTR certified coach, is a full time consultant. She has coached internationally with an extensive playing background. Michela plays in our National Team and was one of the best juniors in Italy. She has a bubbly personality, is one of the hardest workers you will meet and is her passion for playing and teaching tennis is very well alive.

Isaac Watson

Assistant Coach
Isaac is a physiotherapy student at Melbourne University and has coached and sparred with some of the top players in Australia. Isaac plays in our National Team and represented Melbourne University in the winning championship team in 2018. Isaac is a hard working, intelligent and responsible young man and is also a great hitting partner for anyone looking for some quality practice. Nickname: The Brick Wall

Jessica Graham

Assistant Coach
Jessica is an enthusiastic, passionate and energetic tennis coach that has worked in the industry for a number of years. She brings a great atmosphere to the classes and is very sociable and likeable! Jessica used to be the #1 Squash player in Australia in Under 19's, so she also knows a thing or two about training at a high level. Jessica has transitioned to tennis full time now and is looking to improve her game and become a solid tournament player.

Julia Chen

Marketing Co-ordinator
Julia is a graduate of Melbourne University with a Masters in Accounting. Julia loves tennis and the relationships, networking and positivity this sport brings into people's lives. Julia is the operator of the UTA WeChat page and has created many opportunities for people to join our program and become part of the awesome culture at Melbourne University, being the president of the Tennis Club.

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