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We are a COVID-Safe business operating under the guidance of The Victorian Government, Department of Health and Human Services, The University of Melbourne and Sport and Recreation Victoria. We have in place sufficient measures to keep everyone safe. Tennis is a non-contact, socially distanced sport that we can all enjoy during these times. We look forward to seeing you all on court soon.

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Group Lessons
Learn Together

Our group lessons are one of the most popular ways to take part in tennis coaching. Our program follows the University terms with each class following a specific learning module. You’ll learn about many aspects of tennis and meet some great people along the way. Lessons are available for all levels, even if you have never played before. We offer a wide range of levels, class days and class times to suit all abilities and schedules, including evening classes and weekend classes for the busy student and worker.

Lesson Time: 1.5 hours / session

Private Lessons
Streamlined Learning

Private lessons are a great way to rapidly increase your playing ability. Lessons are booked in casually or in a block, at a time that suits you. We utilise world class, science based and innovative methods along with tailored video and bio-mechanical analysis to give you the opportunity to advanced quicker than your peers.

Lesson time: 1 – 1.5 hours / session

Fore more information please email us at

Private Groups
You Decide

Have friends that are similar level to you? You can form your own group class with them! Private groups are for those that want to enjoy learning with their friends in a closed group. We can arrange for this to happen and put you at ease. You work with the coach on creating a time and schedule that suits you!

Lesson Time: 1 – 2 hours/session

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High Level Training

These high intensity squads are tailored for competitive players looking to get an edge. Players who are looking to improve their competitive game and train for performance are suited well to these sessions. All players who are part of the squad will have the chance to go through a structured training program and be given the opportunity to represent the university in a team.

Lesson time: 2 hours / session

Pennant Training
Team Training

These squads are tailored for the advanced competitive athlete. Squads are for pennant players who are representing teams for the University of Melbourne in both the Men’s and Women’s competitions. All players who are part of the squad will go through a grading process and work with us and the tennis club to fit you into a team.

Once you are chosen to be in a team, you and your team can train with one of our coaches for a heavily subsidised cost every week to prepare for our weekly matches.

For more information please email us at

Elite Athlete Program
Best of the Best

This program is for the top players at the University of Melbourne. These players are screened and graded before they are awarded a place in the National Team. They will compete throughout the year in the Pac-8 National Championships and the University Nationals, representing the University at the highest level of competition.

All athletes will be part of an exclusive Elite Athlete Program which will place them on a scholarship throughout the year comprising of coaching, physiotherapy, team trainings, strength and conditioning programs and more.

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Social Play
Round-Robin Fun

The Social Play sessions allow players who can play points to learn the fundamentals of doubles competition in a supportive and fun environment. All sessions comprise of round-robin doubles matches, in which players are encouraged to practice a weekly theme set by the coach. The aim of the sessions are both to learn how to compete and score, but also to make new friends and play games.

Lesson Time: 1.5 – 2 hours/session

Club Hitting
Get the benefits

Melbourne University Tennis Club is one of the leading clubs at the university with close to 500 members who take part in a range of activities such as coaching, training and competition. By joining the tennis club, you can practice for free for up to 8 hours a week with other club members during set times along with other perks such as coaching discounts and access to events. Student member price is as low as $38/year.

Club Internals
Member Competition

Melbourne University Tennis Club runs social doubles competitions during each semester for their club members. Each member is graded and placed into teams. The competition takes place on weeknights with two levels: Intermediate & Advanced. Team prizes are given at the end and the honour of being named club team champions!

For more information please email the club at

Fitness Programs

The Tennis Fitness Programs tailor exercises that have been tested and verified for their effectiveness and efficiency by trained and experienced staff. The focus of the monthly programs is to compliment your tennis game and build your overall athletic ability. We are athletes first before we are tennis players.

Foundational Level, Intermediate Level & Advanced Level

For more information please email us at

Racquet Restring
Play Your Best

Did you know that you should string your racquet at least every 3 months? The wrong tension can cause vibrations in the arm and lead to injuries.

We use an electronic machine with 6 point mount for full protection of your frame. We have a super fast turn around time and we have a range of strings and customisations we offer to suit all players needs.

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Video Analysis

Have you ever seen yourself on video? One of the best feedback tools and ways to improve is to use the mind-muscle connection through video analysis.

We provide you with a full report and training tips so you can see the clear picture ahead. Combining our expert coach’s eye with a video that reveals all, you will be on your way to becoming a better tennis player in no time!

For more information please email us at

Sports Medicine
Know Your Body

Elite Akademy are the health and wellness providers at Melbourne University and they are the best in what they do. Using the Ridgway Method (RM), a reliable system for problem solving the main cause of injuries, you will get a comprehensive diagnosis and the best results.

They offer physiotherapy, sports massage, dietetics and a host of other services to take care of your needs.

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